A bold solution for trailblazing businesses

Your employees deserve the best: increase retention and allow them to tap into the multiple benefits of saving in cryptocurrencies. All of this can be done while navigating a seamless, secure, and easy-to-integrate platform. Prontomás is a Latin American merchant and customer ecosystem that ensures an efficient transfer of funds, wherever and whenever.

Our goal

Staying one step ahead

Save, send, and receive funds — without worry. Our platform combines unparalleled customer experiences at lower transaction fees to give you the flexibility you’re looking for.

Our profound understanding of the Latin American region, its challenges, and opportunities have helped us create a dedicated platform that addresses the needs of companies and customers alike.

Our solution

Your business needs, covered

Greater attraction and retention
Stepping into the future should be simple. You can offer your employees the cutting-edge solution for saving and personal finance.
Giving a helping hand
Offer your employees the option for an automatic saving in digital dollars. Provide them different financial solutions by saving a portion of their salary every month.
Easy, flexible, and smart
Incorporate digital currency as part of your business. Allow your people to save seamlessly, manage their money on their phone, and exchange it at the best rates.
Preparing ahead
Recommend courses and tips on digital money. Help your business understand the impact digital money will have in personal finance and businesses.
The wait is over
Today, buying currencies or sending them abroad is time consuming. With Prontomás, transactions have never been easier.
Secure and backed savings
Keep your employees’ savings in digital dollars for greater security. By holding them in accounts regulated by US financial institutions, you know each digital dollar is kept safe.

From Latin America, to Latin America

We understand the Latin American market very well. We know, firsthand, the experiences of the small merchant as well as the workings of multi-regional brands. Our knowledge of the current context has helped create a platform that considers the needs and concerns of many businesses. Prontomas is there to help you expand to new markets, and make the best of the new financial opportunities in cryptocurrency.

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