Your financial ally - on the go!

Save in dollars with the lowest rate and forget about lines and delays! Prontomás is your perfect long-term financial solution for personal savings and other banking needs. Get added security with the latest fintech app for in- or out-of-country transfers as much as your peso, crypto, or any other currency investments.


Lowest exchange rate

Change your pesos to digital dollars with the guaranteed best exchange rate, making your savings pay you more.

Forget about lines and delays

You set what amount or percentage of your salary you want to save and we’ll automatically convert them to digital dollars every month. It’s that simple!

Secure and backed savings

Your savings are kept in digital dollars (USDC). ​​Each digital dollar is backed by one US dollar or asset with equivalent fair value, which is held in accounts with US regulated financial institutions.

to move

You own your money. Transfer your savings to any bank at any time - or send it to your wallet or your friends.

Send your money abroad

Send your digital dollars to family and friends outside Colombia, transferring any amount to other wallets or crypto exchanges.

Save in digital dollars

Protect your savings from inflation, keeping them in a much more secure currency, like a dollar. Combine the flexibility and instant speeds of digital currencies.

Spend everywhere you go
(coming soon):

With your Prontomás debit card, you can spend in pesos, or any currency, anywhere in the world!


Tell your employer about Prontomás

At the moment, Prontomás can only be used through your employer. Provide us with your employer’s contact information so we can partner with them. You can also join our waiting list and we’ll let you know when we’re ready to manage your wallet independently from employers.

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Discover who we are

Our expertise is based on years in the region, which has helped us come up with new, innovative products to suit your every need! See how our knowledge in Latin America has spearheaded a wider range of services, including cryptocurrency innovation.


What defines us

A secure wallet to keep, transfer, or withdraw funds on a convenient debit card sets our reputation ahead in the region. Seize our unique offer for protected, long and short-term savings with a key app that stays with you, wherever you go! Care for family and friends with employee benefits of the highest caliber and the latest tech in Latin America.